Deadly Brain eating amoeba is found in Freshwater  rivers of United States of America

Brain eating Parasite

One report saying that a 3 year old died due to a splash of infected water in a park Any water body may be dangerous

It is Deadly

It enters the victim through the nose and get directly up into the brain to cause serious problems

It is a Serious Bug

Contaminated water inhalation while swimming pose a major risk to get a disease

Water in nose is a major threat

Symptoms such as Headache, Nausea and body aches appear over 9 days. After that seizures may occur

Symptoms in next 9 days

Doctors are saying, after you get symptoms, it's already very late to prevent Permanent brain damage

Its already late

Treatment for the brain eating amoeba is not yet discovered. It is difficult to treat as the infection is very rapid

What is the Treatment?