Ectopic Pregnancy on Ultrasound

Ectopic Pregnancy on Ultrasound, When Ectopic Pregnancy Rupture?

Ectopic Pregnancy means the Baby is outside the uterus: it may be most common in the fallopian tube or other structures.  Ectopic pregnancy poses a major health risk to the mother and is often life-threatening.
Here we will discuss the Ectopic Pregnancy Ultrasound Reports, What ectopic pregnancy looks like on a USG scan,  When it can rupture and the drugs eg. Methotrexate is used in Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy on Ultrasound

Ectopic pregnancy is nowadays diagnosed with Ultrasound. The Trans-Vaginal-Scan (=Scan through the Vagina) of the uterus and related structures is taken by inserting an Ultra-Sonic Probe into your vagina.

Trans-Vaginal-Scan gives a clearer picture of the ectopic pregnancy than the Abdominal Scan therefore it is preferred as a standalone test to diagnose the ectopic pregnancy.

Reading the Ultrasound of Ectopic Pregnancy

If your report reads: There is an Empty uterus That doesn’t necessarily mean you have an ectopic pregnancy until there is a positive finding of the Mass around the uterus (Adnexal Mass) 

If you got a positive pregnancy test and your report reads only Adnexal Mass around the uterus then unfortunately you have an ectopic pregnancy.

Initially, the report may miss the baby due to its tiny size and in the report, it may be mentioned as “Pregnancy of Unknown Location“ or “PUL“. Then after follow-up, your pregnancy may be confirmed.

Also, it is Worthy to mention that the Normal Fallopian tube is not visible in routine Trans-Vaginal-Ultrasound but when there is a distention of the tube due to any mass, it can be visualized under the ultrasound.


When does Ectopic Pregnancy Rupture

Untreated and grown Ectopic Pregnancy may cause rupturing of the fallopian tube leading to Blood loss in the abdomen. This blood loss can be and often life-threatening, the patient may go into Cardiovascular Shock, May Pass out, and many deaths have been reported due to the rupture of ectopic pregnancy.

So when exactly does the Ectopic pregnancy Ruptures?

The short answer is: It varies
Long answer: Basically the baby is now growing inside the tube which is not intended for distention due to the growth of the baby. So Logically, it will rupture tomorrow, if not today.

We have data showing us the mortifying effects of ectopic pregnancy on the mother therefore it will be wise to treat it before it ruptures.

How do you know if ectopic pregnancy ruptures?

Symptoms are Heavy Menstrual bleeding, Sharp and Sudden Belly pain, Shoulder tip pain, Lightheadedness, Blurring of vision, and fainting episodes.

Note: Sometimes Pain may be absent.

The baby will not survive this stress but you can, remember to get treated ASAP.


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