Itchy Bumps in Eyelid. Causes, Remedies and Treatment

Are you having an Itchy Bump under or in eyelid? A bump may be around the rim of the top or lower eyelid. We will be discussing what these bumps on your eyelids are? Why the bumps on your eyelid occur and how to treat them.


What is the Eyelid Bump?

You’d say what are the bumps on my eyelids? My answer is that these Bumps are the pimple-like outgrowth of the skin in response to any infections or inflammatory response of the body.

These Eyelid Bumps are of many types depending upon whether there is an infection present or not. Types of Eyelid Bumps are described below with their treatment.

Chalazion: The non-infective eyelid bump


These Painless bumps in your eyelid occur away from the eyelid rim and are due to blockage of glands of your eyelid.

As the gland is blocked, it keeps on secreting its secretion and bulges to look like a blob called a Chalazion.

No infection is there in the gland, The gland is just blocked resulting in a stoppage of the flow of secretion causing inflammation and bulge.

It is often present on the upper eyelid. This bump has its mouth to the underside of your eyelid.

Note that: If Chalazion is infected by a secondary infection, it may also be painful but generally, it is not infected hence painless


At home, massage very gently with the hot and damp compresses and never squeeze or poke it.

As there is no infection, no need for antibiotics is there. But to control the inflammation, steroids may be injected inside the bump.

If that doesn’t cure this, Incision would be made on the inner surface of your eyelid and Inflammatory debris would be drained with a scoop.

Stye: Infective Eyelid Bump


A stye is the painful swelling around the eyelid rim. The whole lid may be swollen and red.

It is differentiated from the Chalazion by its red and swollen appearance associated with pain, tenderness, fever, etc.

It is caused by the infection of the gland of your eyelid.

A stye can be one of the itchy bumps on the eyelid, Try not to itch as it may burst the pus inside it infecting the eye.

Treatment for infective eyelid bump

Wet a cotton blob in warm water and apply this for at least 5 minutes, 4-5 times a day to the swelling,

it will facilitate drainage and reduce swelling.

If that doesn’t work, then as the infection matures, There forms a yellow mouth of pus at the base of the lid margin, Pulling of that lash or incision is recommended to drain the pus followed by antibiotic instillation in the eye.

Painkillers may also be used to manage pain.

Internal Hordeolum

It is an infection of the Chalazion (Which is a non-infective condition). It is Rare.

Symptoms are Excruciating pain as the swelling is larger than stye, Pus may be seen on the underside of the eyelid.

It is also red and tender like a Stye.


The conditions in which there is pus formation, You may experience blurred vision due to pus forming a film over your eye surface. Wash with clean water to get rid of it.

Go to your doctor if your symptoms are bothersome, Eyelids are sticking together in the morning, or having pain or not seeing any resolution after more than a week even after self-treatment.

These bumps are irritative but not harmful.


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