Lower blood pressure in Pregnancy with 5 Tricks Naturally

Lower blood pressure in Pregnancy with 5 Tricks Naturally

In this article, we will show you how to lower Blood pressure in pregnancy. It is vital to monitor and lower blood pressure when pregnant as it may cause problems for the baby and Blood pressure can lead to a higher heart rate.


Blood Pressure range in Pregnancy

In pregnancy, You should lower your blood pressure to range less than 120/80 mmHg


5 Hacks to lower blood pressure in Pregnancy

Let’s now discuss hacks that prevent and lower blood pressure during pregnancy.


1. Listen to Music while Eating Banana

You may know calming effect of the right type of music can help lower blood pressure but you may say: Why to eat bananas.

Bananas are helpful in pregnancy in Many ways but here in Blood pressure reduction, Banana plays a crucial role of supplying Potassium to your body. Potassium acts opposite of Sodium, Which means it reduces Blood pressure.

Music may also improve your mood and decrease stress which would further decrease the levels of blood pressure.

2. Stay in Good Shape

Pregnancy may cause you to gain some weight, and it’s normal unless you are already overweight. Staying in the normal weight range is the key to maintaining the normal range of blood pressure during pregnancy.

Try exercising or go for a walk in a park with your friends. This will have a good impact on your mental health, Hormones, and your overall health.
If possible, try reducing your weight before getting pregnant to significantly reduce the risk of High BP during pregnancy.

Prevention is always better than cure

The Primordial one 🙂

3. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol at all costs.

Smoking and Drinking alcohol not only has a direct teratogenic (Malformatious) effect on the growing baby in your womb but it is also implicated to cause a rise in blood pressure while being pregnant.

This rise in BP in pregnancy as you know can be devastating for your baby therefore a single hack to lower it down is to cut off your smoking and alcohol drinks while being pregnant.


4. Limit your Salt, Tea, and Coffee intake

Salt, Tea, and Coffee are proven to increase blood pressure, and they ain’t much necessary during pregnancy, therefore you can safely limit their use to milder amounts.

Think about the baby inside your tummy who is unable to sleep just because you gulped one cup of coffee.

50 shades of dark circles under my eyes.

The baby cried with her heavy eyelids.

5. Lower your stress levels

As we all know, Pregnancy is the game of Hormones playing football in your body. These hormones often shoot up and down like a football which eventually causes mood swings and ends up inducing stress.

The key here is to reduce your stress levels.

The effective ways to reduce stress levels while pregnant are to Meditate, do exercises, do Yoga, Listen to your favorite music, Spend time with your family, think about your baby and imagine her playing happily in front of you.

Pregnancy is the happiest reason ever

for feeling like a Crap 😉


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