Why Neck Pain on Right Side and Shoulder? 5 Instant Remedies

Are you having the Neck Pain on Right Side and Shoulder? Don’t worry We got your back. We will be briefly looking at the causes of the Neck Pain on the Right Side and Shoulder and don’t worry this isn’t a heart attack. After this, we will head towards the Treatment and Remedies for Neck Pain on the Right Side and Shoulder.

Neck Pain on Right Side and Shoulder Causes:

There are many causes of neck pain on the Right side and your shoulder pain may be originating from the neck pain itself that means if you experience shoulder pain in association with neck pain, it may be the neck problem that is leading to your shoulder pain.

Causes of Neck pain
Most commonly the neck pain is caused by:

Bad Posture cause Neck and shoulder pain

Keep an eye on your posture while sleeping, Working on your desk, etc.  You can improve your sleeping posture by having an Orthopedic Pillow (Cervical Memory Foam Contour Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain) They are quite cheaply available in the online market and are very effective if you are facing neck pain on right side frequently.
It is initially harmless but chronically can lead to various joint disorders.


Stress and Anxiety:

This is also a common harmless cause of neck and shoulder pain on one side. Are you wondering how?
The Stress causes our muscles to contract and increase their tone putting excess strain on them. The easy fix is to rest your head on a pillow.


Neck Injuries

These are also the common cause of neck and shoulder pain. The person usually knows the history of trauma to the head or neck. Examples of common injuries are given below.

Whiplash neck injury

  • It is due to sudden acceleration of the torso leading to lagging behind the neck causing injury.

Trauma and damage to the nerves of the neck

  • It can occur in cervical spine fractures.

Brachial plexus injury

  • As in holding a thing (eg. a branch of a tree) while falling down

Spinal Fracture

  • Can Pinch and damage the nerves.

Bone conditions

  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Inter-Vertebral Disc Degeneration
  • Disc herniation

Sometimes GallStones can also cause Referred pain to the right shoulder and right shoulder blade.


Check out this detailed guide on Causes and remedies of Neck pain on right side


Now let us look at the Remedies for neck and shoulder pain.

5 Instant Remedies for Neck Pain on Right Side and Shoulder

First of all, we should do natural remedies for neck and shoulder pain

Neck Exercise

Stretching and Eliminating the bad posture

  • Neck and shoulder stretching exercises help to drain the strain in the muscles, You will feel relaxed after the stretch.
  • Light Exercising is an effective way to stretch and increase the blood flow to the neck muscles. Abundant blood supply helps to clear up the lactic acid buildup due to excessive strain and fatigue.
  • Bad posture especially while sleeping is the culprit of neck and shoulder pain. To eliminate it, Buy some cheap and effective Orthopedic pillows from the amazon here.

Ice/Heat Packs or Massaging the neck and shoulder

  • Ice packs reduce the blood supply and hence decrease the inflammatory cells of the blood to reach the site. This will reduce the redness, swelling, and eventually pain. Ice packs will work only if you have an inflamed neck.
  • If the cause is excess fatigue or strain then applying Heat compresses will work charm for you. Heat compresses will improve the blood supply to the area helping in clearing the lactic acid buildup and hence reducing the pain right away.
  • Massaging also helps to relieve the strained muscle. it also improves the blood supply and helps to clear off the lactic acid buildup.

Reduce the Stress and Anxiety

  • Exercise, Yoga, and stretching can lower your stress level, in addition, to directly curing your pain.
  • Try spending some time with your loved ones, pets, and nature and see if that helps.
  • Lastly, try to manage stress levels by medications.

medicine for sore throat

Over-the-counter medications

  • Acetaminophen
  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen

These medications will relieve the pain instantly.

If this also does not cure the neck pain, then please consult your doctor and have an X-Ray or MRI done to see what is causing the pain.

Steroid injections within the joints

They prevent inflammation and pain. but they may have side effects

Also, the most important step is To prevent further attacks of pain and keep an eye on your posture.

Sometimes there may be headaches associated with the Right-sided neck pain for this you can Checkout Right-sided headaches with neck pain

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