New and More Deadly COVID Variant

The New and More Deadly COVID Variant

What do we know about the New and More Powerful Covid Variant

The Deadly new variant is called Stealth omicron variant is called BA.2 by scientists. It is a hybrid (mixture of two different viruses) of delta virus and omicron virus and called recombinants and this process is known as Recombination.

The body of this recombinant virus is mainly made up of delta virus and spike proteins (virus membrane protein) are of omicron virus.

A subvariant of coronavirus strain BA.2 also called stealth virus is now ruling worldwide. It is a dominant
strain in the US. It has a quick surge in many countries in Asia and Europe.

Stealth viruses have an absence of mutation in spike protein (surface protein) which plays a key role recognize infection in rapid PCR tests.
Who said that the stealth virus mainly affects the upper respiratory tract. However, like Delta, this BA.2 variant does not affect the lower respiratory tract (lungs) and thus there is less chance of symptoms such as loss of taste or smell, and difficulty in breathing

Signs and symptoms of New Coronavirus Strain

Symptoms are likely to appear within 2-3 days after being contaminated with the virus.

  • Dizziness
  • Easy fatiguability
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Rash
  • Tachycardia (increased heart rate)
  • Muscle fatigue

Why is the new COVID variant called Stealth omicron?

Stealth means quiet and secretive. First of all, it is a highly contagious virus that spread rapidly around the world and it is difficult to identify the genetic mutations present in stealth omicron in PCR test unlike BA.1 (an original strain of omicron) that can be easily differentiated from delta virus.

How does recombination occur?

  • Recombination occurs when the person or animal is co-infected with two viruses at the same time resulting in the transfer of genetic material and information with each other and hence, new variant forms called Recombinants.
  • Pandemics like Swine flu are also the result of similar recombination.

Effect on Transmission and effectiveness of vaccination

  • According to WHO, The new variant of omicron is a more highly communicable recombinant virus than the omicron variant BA.1 and BA.1.1. (Study)
  • It also suggests that it is unlikely to cause fatal severe disease and complications.

What could make the Stealth virus spread faster than omicron and other coronavirus strains?

  • Recombination of delta and omicron virus make it more contagious and difficult to be detected in PCR tests or other tests.
  • Vaccines are not so effective in Stealth COVID variant BA.2 as in preceding variant alpha and COVID strain and do not give effective protection against the virus. However, according to UK Health Security Agency data, vaccines can be able to given protection by a booster dose that prevents the need for hospitalization and death.

Health experts recommended that it’s time to put your mask on and avoid gathering in large numbers and US Fd has approved the fourth dose for all Americans over the age of 50.

Recurrence of Stealth virus

  • What will happen to people who have previously had an infection of BA1.1?
    • Different countries show different data, some countries give twin peaks in infection rates in people who had previous exposure to BA1.1.
    • Scientists believed that BA.2 was circulating when all the people stopped wearing masks and they also said that the virus could be able to harm unvaccinated,under-vaccinated, old age, patients with comorbidities.
    • “It is still a huge public health problem and it is going to continue to be,” are the words of Mark Woolhouse, the famous epidemiologist at the University of Edinburgh.


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