Semen Retention

Semen Retention, Meaning, Benefits, Side Effects, Science and Ayurveda

Does semen retention increase testosterone, Is it healthy, its timeline, science, and what does Ayurveda say about Semen Retention. We will be throwing light on all 0f these questions. Keep Reading

Semen Retention Meaning

The meaning of Semen Retention is to Hold Back the Ejaculation inside its natural place, the Testicles. This means avoiding ejaculation.
Semen Retention is an ancient practice even proposed by the Great, Ayurveda.
Semen retention is proposed to pose many benefits be it Physical or Mental Health-related, or Spiritual benefits. So, How does Semen Retention affect the body?

Semen Retention Benefits

Mental Benefits

Increased Discipline and Self-Control: Holding Ejaculation in a sexually active young male isn’t that easy. Complying with it against your will increases discipline and self-control. It may even boost confidence

Less Depression and anxiety: Semen retention may make you feel happy and cheerful. It increases body awareness, you start to feel your body.

Increased cognition and concentration: While practicing Semen Retention, you promise to stay away from those porny distractions that have always been affecting your mind’s way and quality of thinking.

These all mental benefits means increased awareness between body and mind, This can also have its benefits.
It may also help with premature ejaculation and hence the sense of happiness and fulfillment follows

Physical Benefits

Increased Sexual Power and Stamina: let’s be serious, who doesn’t want this.

Semen Retention is thought to increase the chances of multiple orgasms and involvement of full-body in orgasms

It can increase the quality of sperms (The effect of Testosterone)

Increased masculinity eg. Deeper voice, Thicker hair, Increased muscles, and power.

Better Quality and Quantity of Sperms: Semen Retention can therefore help in enhancing fertility and conceiving power.


Spiritual Benefits

It is one of the stepping stones on the path to reaching the god.

Preserving Semen means preserving the man’s power

Practicing Sperm Retention is believed to develop a new nerve (Medha Nadi) that acts as a memory reserve.

Provide Physical beauty and mental strength

Side Effects of Semen Retention

There are no side effects as such, and if you want to continue Semen Retention, you can do so for as long as you want.
If it is happening automatically, Means involuntarily, then this is a matter of concern as this may indicate certain diseases such as Stress, Diabetic Neuropathy (Nerve damage due to diabetes), Spinal cord injury, Prostate Enlargement, etc. Consult your doctor.
You should stop practicing Semen retention if you feel any pain while practicing it.


Science Behind Semen Retention

There is not enough scientific evidence supporting all the benefits of semen retention, but it can help in increasing sperm motility if intermittently practiced.

If semen retention is practiced for a long time, the sperms can die, are reabsorbed, and are continuously replenished by continuously dividing germ cells.

Does semen retention increase Testosterone?

Yes, according to Two Small Studies, it has been proven that Semen Retention increases the Concentration of testosterone in blood by 1.5 times. This means More Masculinity, more energy, and enhanced mood. Overly frequent masturbation leads to low sperm quality.

Semen Retention in Ayurveda

Now the question arises: What does Ayurveda say about Semen Retention? Semen Retention and preciosity of sperm is mentioned in various Indian literature such as Kama Sutra by Vātsyāyana, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, etc.

In Ayurveda, Semen is considered one of the most precious fluids in humans, even more, superior than the blood.
It is thought so because of its origin from Bone-Marrow, well-stated in Ayurveda. It says that 40 drops of Bone marrow can form only 1 drop of semen.
Therefore it needs to be preserved and loss of the same can lead to loss of male power, happiness, vigor, and memory.

In Hinduism, there is Mentioning of Brahmacharya, which means strictly following the path to achieving the god. In this path, one has to preserve his semen, the loss of which is considered the biggest obstacle.

In Ramayana, The lord Laxmana and Hanumana maintained the Brahmacharya state of the body during their 14 years of stay as Vanvas [residence (vās) in a forest (van)], therefore are considered as most powerful.

In the book, “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna”, it is mentioned that abstinence from ejaculation for a long time develops a special power due to the genesis of the Inner Nerve called “Medha Nadi”
This nerve lets the individual have the finest understanding and memory powers. It is also mentioned that nightfall can actually concentrate the Sperms in seminal fluid like a Sugar-filled jar with a hole in the bottom through which dilute fluid exits rendering a concentrated crystal of sugar candy.


Other Religious beliefs

Masturbation is prohibited in Islam (Shi’ah fiqh) and is considered a shameful (Haya) offense in Quran. It is stated that one should preserve and protect his/her sex organs and appeal to his/her spouse.

In Buddhism, the Loss of Sperm, Even involuntarily during night sleep is considered immoral and taken as the same as the Brahmacharya concept in Hindu Mythology.

Conservative Christians believe masturbation and nightfall to be abnormal. Bible stated nocturnal ejaculation as impure and unhygienic.

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